What do the Archangels want you to know?
Nomonology (True Name Meanings)

Cyndee was born a psychic medium;
Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient. At a very young age she began remembering her past lives and perceiving the past lives of others. Cyndee has studied astrology for many years and is also a 2nd level Reiki praticioner. She comes from a long line of mediums and majored in psychology in college.


Guest Reader
Michael Bisbiglia
Master Numerologist
Intuitive Numerology Readings

Michael is an ordained minister, life coach,
and has been a Numerologist for over 25
years. Using the numbers associated with
your birth date and your birth name along
with his intuitive ability, Michael is able to
offer direction on most any aspect of a
persons life, be it relationships,career,
money, health, business, partnerhsips,
children, and much more.